Service for survival government

According to the Declaration of Independence the governors of the people are to take into consideration the interest of the people. The United States’ governors have forgotten that and consider only how to earn more money which it deems necessary. However, they have forgotten the many nations of the Natives of these Americas used only trade across nations. Having money was the greatest tool in building this nation into the industrial nation it is, but now that it has reached that apex it has become a fault to the continuance of itself. Today, the government should consider transforming itself into a Service For Survival system. Money will only lead to increased hardships for man-in-mass.

Money, as the nation’s most sought resource, has descended this nation into a pit of corruption so deep only a Service For Survival system can dig it out. It has created a mind of greed and luxury which has caused the judicial system to seek convictions rather than justice, the legislative branch how to protect money rather than the people, and the administrative system the power to control the people by it rather than serving the people with it. It is time for a change!!!

The technology of this nation is of such that it can keep records of who serves the nation and who doesn’t. The Social Security Card (SSC) is mandatory for all workers and could become the identification for everyone. It would include their picture [upgraded after disfiguring incidents, age and annually for children], status [worker, vacationing, housewife, student, driver and any others] and will be their right to buy because they are serving the state.

A magnetic strip will be on it like on “Debit Cards” where all of the information is contained. When a person obtains something they only need to “swipe” the SSC through the monitor to prove they are servants of the state and it is theirs. Things like automobiles and houses would belong to the state so the magnetic strip would the key to the house and allow the use of the automobile.

Public transportation would be used except where there is the need to transport heavy or multiple things. Only people living in rural farming areas, where there is no public transportation, would have on premise automobiles.

With this system: all crimes to obtain goods [greed or needs], illegal immigration, illegal drug and prostitution would be eliminated. All United States generated jobs would remain here. People would not have to be afraid of changing jobs once a job becomes a bore or they are not satisfied with the one they have.

In general, the United States would become a “Utopia”.