McCain best prepared to lead the nation in right direction

When it comes to the government, smaller is better, and the person needed to keep the government small and on the side of the people is John McCain. Count the last thing the Democrats gave the American people anything without raising taxes and increasing the size of government: ZERO.

Barack Obama is the torch carrier of the party, the same party that increased payroll tax for Social Security in the name of spreading around the wealth.

The economy cannot be bailed out of the credit crisis. The market should be allowed to correct itself. The last time the government stepped in to help the market was the New Deal.

The New Deal was the closest America ever came to a socialistic country, and the New Deal only caused the Depression to be prolonged because it hindered the private sector from correcting itself.

I know many of us want to help people stay in their home by giving them money, but it will do nothing for the millions of Americans who pay their mortgage every month. These are the people who work two jobs, miss their children’s Little League football games and dates with their mate, to make sure they maintain a roof over their head.

We can never keep the jobs in America that our fathers and grandfathers worked. This is a global economy, and cheaper workers can be found in Asia and Africa. The new American economy must be based on the need of our time, such as health care and education.

John McCain’s plan calls on the government to retrain our workforce. While they are learning new skills they will receive a monthly check equal to their former job.

Many people will cry that this is welfare, but it’s time to give back to the people who, for years, supplied the money for many of the social programs that didn’t work.

I would rather give a hard-working American a monthly check for four to five years than an American who doesn’t work at all a check for a lifetime.

The government needs to be a ladder, where everybody who works hard gets ahead, and not an elevator, where the government controls who goes up and who goes down.

These are the views I share with John McCain. We understand that America is its strongest, not when Washington makes the decisions for the people, but when the people make the decisions for themselves and Washington stays OUT.