Cover Girl advances platform

Despite unwavering cold and isolated showers, an estimated 50 students supported Miss Cover Girl, Annia Jenkins’ “OverRule Obesity” health fair in front of Favrot Student Union last Thursday. The fair took place during convocation hours to eradicate likelihood of student absence and was sponsored by the Student Union Board.

Jenkins told an enthused early crowd that state Rep. Barbara Norton had declared the day “Overrule Obesity Day.” Jenkins said that several students stopped by the booths after exiting the cafeteria.

As time and the population dwindled, the atmosphere was one of quiet amity. Jenkins beamed at the occasional passerby and earnestly thanked the remaining students for supporting her endeavor. People seemed receptive to her and her amicable comrades.

Several tables were set up and operated by volunteers from the Student Nurses Association. They administered two popular health tests.

One table featured Body Mass Index information, where students told the nurses-to-be their height and weight. In turn, they were given a corresponding BMI number. In several instances of healthy BMI ranges, students were given red stickers.

Students at the next table checked blood pressure. All participants were given a Miss Cover Girl cup with a mini Gatorade bottle and a granola bar for their interest.

Freshman marketing major Sonia Harris appreciated the on-campus testing and said the obesity rate is getting out of hand. She expressed dissatisfaction with her weight and wanted to do something about it.

Jenkins reported that several faculty members made appearances.

Of those who came, cheerleading coach Terry Lily made his presence known and said that he was happy to assist Miss Cover Girl.

He said that turnout was commendable, particularly with “inclement weather” conditions and expressed that the key is to stay active and “abreast of health issues.”

He led students in a short workout aided by campus cheerleaders that day. He also emphasized that Jenkins followed through on her word by putting her platform into effect.

Another way for students to take charge of their fitness, he said, was to attend aerobics classes in the Intramural Center Monday through Thursday at 5:15 p.m. or 8 p.m.

Of future health fairs and other initiatives, Lily and Jenkins said they hoped to see the people of Grambling carry the health torch.

Lily said that students should “be proactive, instead of reactive” regarding their lives.