A brother’s starry eyes could be therapeutic and justified

Men are a blessed species. A privileged lot awarded a special package of rights by God. So special, these rights do not have to be included in the Bill of Rights. I take it that some people choose not to acknowledge these rights, just like some people pretend that we came from monkeys, and were not created. Both are crazy ways of reasoning, but let me set you straight.

Men’s natural right Numero Uno: Eyeing. Eyeing women. Staring, ogling “undressing with the eyes,” it’s all the same; a brother looking at a sister, for reasons more than just seeing her. It’s a natural born right for every male to look, to stare, to analyze the female structure in its fascinating and captivating sensual design.

If the target of visual focus does not give him time to stare to his satisfaction, he is permitted to follow the target with his eyes, turning his neck to ease this very important exercise. This may have unpleasant results like running into poles, knocking other people’s vehicles, etc., but nevertheless, the fulfillment derived beats the risks.

Every man ogles, though some, usually the older men who have been longer in the game, have mastered the art of not getting caught. Some have ogled and ogled for years, and they now pretend they never did it.

They even go further to denounce the activity as being immoral. Immoral? There is no such thing as immorality. Come on, women were made exceptionally attractive.

Guys were given eyes to “look,” and some of us given long necks to ease “looking.” That fits logic!

Most women don’t understand this male need to look. Why you would be infuriated that a brother has “seen” you, even if you caught them starry eyed and open mouthed, beats my understanding. Such appreciation, such open display of attraction!

The brother is called a wasted gutter-minded pervert. Some women have issues. They dress to kill; they actually “kill” some poor man, and then claim he is being uncouth. The dude is only looking.

Looking is therapeutic, and medically recommended. It increases your heartbeat, improves blood circulation, exercises your eye muscles, and is a great brain stimulant.

Of course, in some guys, it induces reverse effects, like a total blanking out of the brain cells, a temporary cessation of respiration, incoherence, and involuntary expansion of certain parts of the body. That could be extremely embarrassing.

Nevertheless, eyeing is a great pastime. It’s a rewarding “commercial break” from hours and hours of boring work. Don’t you wonder why women choose that particular moment when everyone is busy concentrating, to move up and down?

It’s simple; they want maximum eyeing to be done on them. So, ladies, stop pretending you hate it.