Ultimate T-shirts and waxed hands sponsored for second year in row by SGA

For the second year in a row the Ultimate T-shirts were the talk of the Union when the machine was set up at 11 a.m. on Tuesday. And for those of you who do not know what the “ultimate” T-shirt is, here is a crash course in what it is. The first step to gaining a T-shirt is to round up a group of your friends (preferably people that you won’t end up breaking a friendship with) and organize a goofy or sentimental picture and step in front of the camera.

Once the picture is snapped it is uploaded to a computer and screen printed onto the front with a decorative Homecoming 2008 border. The long lines on the bottom floor of the Union proved to be the indicator that students wanted the tangible memory.

“I have two, and I plan on wearing them around campus,” said Kendrell Plains, a senior political science major.

Other students like Janesha Leonard, a sophomore in accounting, said that it was good clean and simple fun that all students can enjoy and take home to show family and friends.

Another event that the SGA put on was the wax hand activity. The booth for this activity was set up right next to the “ultimate” T-shirt and also had a line that extended to the doors, in front of the bookstore.

To begin the process of getting your mold, you have to dip your hand in water and apply lotion to your hand. For those of you wondering why you have to put on lotion, you must put it on so that the wax does not dry to your hand and make it harder for the cast to come off.

After the lotion is on, the rest is up to you. Make a crazy hand shape, even rep your city and dip your hand in the wax. Now, you have to repeat the last step several times to make sure that your mold is thick enough to stand on its own. Once that is done, you can slip it off your hand and admire your beautiful hand shape. You have to be careful with it, of course, to prevent your wax hand from being ruined.

“It was a great experience for me because it was my first time doing something like this,” said Laurisha Noble, a freshman in criminal justice.

If you were wondering who was footing the bill for the blank T-shirts and wax, the SGA sponsored all of it for the students. Even though both activities were great ideas, there were some who thought students should have to give something to get something.

“I think that to get a wax hand, students should have to donate a book or do something for the community. I don’t they should have received it freely. It should have been earned,” griped Austin Richard, a freshman in art and marketing.

Overall the activities kicked off a week of jubilation and excitement to the Spike Lee inspired theme of the Homecoming.