Fashion tip of the week

Wow! I sat in the office of my summer internship, with scattered thoughts, a dazed look, wondering just how big of an impact can I have on fashion? To everyone it may seem like I know all there is to know. Truth is, sometimes I’m not sure if what I know is hardly enough to chip that enormous ice berg.

But I know one thing and that is, style to me is effortless. And hey, it should be the same for everyone else. I thought for a while that this must be the summer opportunity that most people dream of. A fabulous star studded job opportunity where celebrities and wannabe’s rule the world, but I soon found out that living in New York and delving deep into the trenches of the fashion world is not so glamorous.

I stumbled through long miserable hours tirelessly working to satisfy individuals who don’t care too much for anyone but themselves. On top of that, I had the pleasure of constantly encountering celebrities. I lived every fan’s dream of getting to know some of these celebs on a first name basis, finding out that they have certain skeletons in the closet that should just remain there. Soon, the realization dawned that the deceptive blue glow of the television screen is easier to believe as opposed to unraveling the unknowing truth about popular icons.

Life in the Fab lane is just a mythical place where make believe rocks. Reality is just the sad truth which regular people endure each day. We are constantly not satisfied with ourselves. How many of us can truly look in the mirror everyday and honestly say that we are happy with who we see? We are perfectly fine as we are? And need nothing extra to hide behind? Truth is, most of us would not be able to make it without our lies.

Please be advised that I am in no way making reference to half truths or false innuendoes. The people that we present are the lies. The false characters that we hide behind on a daily basis. Our lies, android-like caricatures, our hope of no one will see through us or expose us.

Who is to say that what we perceive as beautiful is just that? Where do we draw the line between confident and just plain narcissistic? The thing is my thoughts are always scrambled. I am constantly bombarding the world with questions that I think should be answered, although I know there are no answers to them. Style is the one thing that I am truly sure of, and even more so, I have a passion and love for it. Not to mention, the fact that I am one of those who takes it personal and revels in littering thoughts on paper in the form of verbal garbage.


Don’t be a Magazine Copycat. What you see in magazines are simple illusions created for those who lack originality. Know yourself; develop personal style, it’s confidence that sells.