University: Parking to be fixed by Homecoming

As people may have noticed, there is some construction around the Eddie Robinson Stadium parking lot. But GSU officials have stated that they expect the parking lot construction to be finished by Homecoming.Hurricane Gustav delayed the completion of the project due to heavy flooding. With the use of cement, the ground has to be completely dry before anything is done.

“The construction was put behind schedule a week or two,” said Michael McKinley, executive assistant to President Horace A. Judson.

The original parking area is currently unpaved and blocked off, as workers work to finish the area. The outlying area is serving as a substitute parking lot until construction is complete.

The parking construction almost put a hitch in some plans for tailgaters at home games.

“Tailgaters were a little distraught when they arrived, but the atmosphere soon caught up then the issue faded away,” said Cecil Ferguson, the GSU employee who is over the premises. “They felt it was more of an inconvenience rather than a major issue.”

Aside from the stadium parking troubles, on-campus parking is also a problem. One suggested solution to that problem is to close Main Street and Carver Street.

“We’re moving to a more pedestrian-friendly campus,” said McKinley. “The theme we’re focusing on is safety and making more green space.”

With fewer parking spaces, students can expect more transportation options to be available. As of right now, students currently pay a fee each semester for shuttle transportation around campus, which is not yet in place.

According to SGA President Chris Harmon, the shuttle bus issue is being resolved.

“The problem with the shuttle buses is a state issue,” said Harmon. “Grambling checked out too many buses at one time. Therefore, we’re waiting on the Louisiana Department of Education to approve more buses.”

As the phases of construction finish up on campus, the parking issue may soon be nonexistent.