FOXXHOLE personality to host GSU’s ‘Greatest Fan’

Jamie Foxx FOXXHOLE personality Kingi Knox of Speedy’s Comedy Corner returns to her alumni Grambling State University to host the Concert and PreGame 2008 Homecoming festivities with The GREATEST Fan. The Fans compete with trivia and spirit competitions to be deemed as The GREATEST Fan to meet Webbie, Rick Ross, Bobby Valentino, and to represent GSU as the GREATEST Fan.Knox will also be encouraging students to vote in the 2008 election. She will interview first time voters and veteran voters about this historical election.

E-mail Kingi Knox at myspacethegreatestfantv with your comment e-mails. Tell her why you are The GREATEST Fan for GSU and what this election means to you. Interviews will be broadcast on Jamie Foxx FOXXHOLE Sirius Satellite Channel 106 sponsored by Bling water and Norman Lewis Limousine.

“Speedy’s Comedy Corner is really fun. The fans has pushed our ratings to the edge on Jamie Foxx’ Foxxhole. The ratings are just as high as The Howard Stern Shown but the show have been on the air for only one and a half years.

“We also have the most callers on our show so it always something new when the listener’s call into the show,” says Speedy.

Kingi has interviewed hot celebrities such as Chris Brown, Akon, Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood of Noah’s Ark just to name a few. Now, she wants to interview you!

The GREATEST Fan is when the FANS compete in trivia and spirit contests to be The GREATEST Fan for their favorite sports team and celebrity. Previously, The GREATEST Fan appeared on COX Media last year with three additional airings from high fan fare e-mails and calls to COX. Gordan Bierch sponsored the televised project with a Digital Billboard and commercials that ran on TBS, ESPN, TV1 and BET.

This year The GREATEST Fan re-aired on COX to kickoff football season. Now, The GREATEST Fan invades Grambling State University looking for the FAN with the most spirit as The GREATEST Fan.

The GREATEST Fan competition consist of the following:


The GREATEST Fan show begins with three separate segments to introduce each celebrity artist. In total there will be nine participating fans throughout the concert, which will lead to three winners at the end of show for the three celebrities.

Webbie Fan Spirit Contest
Three GSU Fans express their love for Grambling. Then they compete in the Lyrics contest. The “Lyric” contest consists of which fan can rap Independent Woman the longest. The fan that raps the furthest is The GREATEST Fan of Webbie and wins a chance to meet Webbie backstage after his performance.

Rick Ross Fan Spirit Contest
Three GSU Fans express their love for Grambling. Then they compete in the Boss like Rick Ross contest. The “BOSS like RICK ROSS” contest consists of the GSU fans as they express how they are the boss and how they regulate their world. The audience chooses who is the “BOSS like RICK ROSS”. The GREATEST Fan of Rick Ross wins a chance to meet Rick Ross backstage after his performance.

Bobbie Valentino Fan Spirit Contest

Three GSU Fans express their love for Grambling. Then they compete in the FANTRIVIA contest. The “Fantrivia” contest consists of questions about Bobby Valentino. As each fan fails to answer the questions they are Kissed Off. The fan that is left standing is The GREATEST Fan of Bobby Valentino and wins a chance to meet Bobby Valentino backstage after his performance.

The Greatest Fan


Listed below are the segments of the show:

3 Fans Compete to meet Webbie Backstage
3 Fans Compete to meet Rick Ross Backstage
3 Fans Compete to meet Bobby Valentino Backstage
4 Fans Compete to win GSU memorabilia as The GREATEST Fan of Grambling State University