Commentary: No sympathy for OJ

Thirteen years ago, OJ Simpson escaped from what was one of the dumbest juries in history of juries. OJ Simpson was acquitted on charges of murdering his wife, despite all the evidence against him.Now, if that was me, I’d chilled, laid low, and kept out of the public. Instead, OJ went to incredible lengths to stay in the limelight, including trying to release a book called If I Did It.

But now, all that has caught up with him as he was finally found guilty on charges of kidnapping and blah blah blah. I don’t care. I’m just glad he finally got what was coming to him.

Before I get lampooned by Black people, saying that I’m a “traitor” to my race, I want to say two words: “DARN THAT!” OJ Simpson has been an idiot for years, and it finally caught up to him.

How are you insensitive and stupid enough to come out with a book talking about, basically, how you killed your late wife? You are an insensitive prick and payback is a [female dog].

Now, OJ was right to want his stuff back. I would love to have back my $400 camera lens and my $200 iPod that were both stolen from hotel rooms. However, I’m not about to go running in on people with guns, cussing them out, and then threatening to harm them.

Nor am I about to run away acting all bad and crashing into a wall later. I’m no idiot. It got stolen, I reported it, nothing was done, so be it. God will handle the rest. OJ tried to take it upon himself, endangering others in the process.

I share NO sympathy for Mr. Simpson. He was a great professional player, but a dumber human being. As he faces 15 years to life, I can only say one thing, “I hope he has God on his side, because these white folks been mad since you killed your wife!”