Broadway’s keys to a GSU victory

GSU (3-2) vs. PV(4-0)
6 p.m. Saturday
Cotton Bowl in
After surviving a 13-2 victory against Langston, the G-Men head to Dallas to face the Prairie View Panthers in the annual State Fair Classic.

Last Game: GSU vs. Langston
Offensive Stats
Total yards: 173
Rushing yards: 125
Passing yards: 48
Red Zone Conversions: 3-4

The rushing game carried the team the last game. Leading the attack was Cornelius Walker, who had 14 carries for 76 yards and Frank Warren who had 16 carries for 58 yards. GSU also gave up a safety. Qauterback Greg Dillon, came into the game and led GSU to a touchdown drive.

Defensive Stats
Total yards: 176
Rushing yards: 103
Passing yards: 72
Sacks: 1
Interceptions: 0

The GSU defense once again, did a stellar job. The G-Men held the Langston off sense to a scoreless game.( The only score that Langston had was a safety.) Leading the defense was, Defensive End Christian Anthony and Linebacker Keefe Hall with five tackles each.

Coach Broadway’s keys to victory
1. Stop the run
2. Protect the football
3. Win the kicking game

Projected Starters
QB: J.P. Tillman
FB: Chris MacIntosh
RB: Cornelius Walker
WR: Nick Lewis
WR: Terrance Dunn
WR: Kiare Thompson
TE: Larry Donnell
OL: Victor Phillips
OL: Corey Williams
OL: Revay Smith
OL: Greg McGrue
OL: Quint Roberts

DL: Kendall Robinson
DL: Melvin Matthews
DL: Otis Young
DL: Christian Anthony
LB: Keffe Hall
LB: Cliff Exma
DB: Jeffery Jack
DB: Kenneth Anio
DB: Lance Castleberry
DB: T.J. McCord
DB: Nigel Copeland