Athletes need respect too

On Friday night, I decided to head to the volleyball game. It was my first one of the season, and I was very pleased to see the Lady Tigers defeat those meddling Alcorn Braves. However, after the game, I saw something that upset me: the players breaking down their own equipment.Yes, the same players that ran around the court, chasing volleyballs and scoring points for over an hour, had to break down their own nets and equipment. It seems to have become so routine that it doesn’t even bother them anymore.

Well, it bothers me. I guarantee if they had some pads and helmets and played at Eddie Rob Stadium, they wouldn’t have to break down their own equipment. However, they aren’t the only ones that have to do their breaking down.

Heading to a baseball game last semester, I knew I was pretty early, but it would give me a chance to set up my camera and adjust to the treacherous sun. Upon arriving, I scanned the field and just watched.

The baseball players, who had a game in a little under an hour were marking the field with chalk, setting up bases, and other routine maintenance. While this is great experience if they plan to chalk up the field for the rest of their lives, I don’t think it’s good for getting mentally prepared to defeat someone.

The track team has won so many SWAC titles that the coaches probably have a ring for each finger. Yet, they are widely disregarded. They have yet to get a facility required to support a track meet. It would’ve been nice to have a track circle the inside of the Assembly Center.

But, alas, I must even fault The Gramblinite for some of the non-coverage. We tend to cover more football, specifically GSU, more than any other sport. It’s not fair, and I will try to rectify that.

But alas, that seems to be the trend at ole’ Grambling. If it’s not football or band, you’ll rarely get the recognition or, sometimes, respect you deserve. Don’t take it the wrong way. I’m not attacking anyone; I’m just pointing out something that needs to be changed.

At least some good has been done though. The softball field now has bleachers for fans to watch their games. The soccer field has also installed bleachers and tarps over the benches as well. I’m sure there are more improvements on the way, but I just want our athletes to get that hard-earned respect that they’ve deserved for years.

So, the next time you see an athlete, stop them and thank them for busting their tails in their sport. After all, your thanks may be the only recognition they see all year.