After five games, offense still MIA

The GSU offense has had trouble finding the end zone this season.The Tigers’ offense has struggled this season; however, the 13 points that the offense put up against Langston, (a NAIA School) is a reason why Coach Broadway should start to panic.

The offense looks bad in person but statistically, they are even worse. In the SWAC, GSU ranks sixth in points per game, (16.8) ninth in passing offense per game, (142.4) dead last in rushing offense per game (86.2) and again dead last in total offense per game. (228.6)

The defense has made more plays on the field than our offense. The defense ranks at the top of every SWAC category. They are second in scoring defense (17.4 points a game), and if you take out the 49-13 loss to Nevada, they are only giving up 9.4 points.

They are fourth in the league in pass defense (170.6 yards per game) and first in the league in turnover margin, with a plus eight margin.

We understand winning comes with a sacrifice, whether its low scoring, hard fought, ugly, or down to the last minute drive but in Grambling’s case its pathetic. Honestly, you will not win every game by a MLB score. Defense does win champions; however if you can’t score points you can’t win.

Why has the offense been so bad? Some people say it’s the play calling, others say execution and some people say that the people on offense just can’t play.

The biggest problem they have is inexperience, the majority of the players on GSU offense; do not have collegiate experience especially on the offensive line. Offensive Coordinator James Spady has been highly criticized but it’s unfair.

The same plays Spady called last year, he is calling this year. He does not have Brandon Landers, Clyde Edwards, and Reggie Jackson anymore.

All a coach can do is call a play and hope that his offense executes it.

Spady’s offense is described as conservative; however when you have problems protecting the quarterback and receivers who can’t stretch the field, than you have to be conservative.

It’s way too much talent on this team for us not to see the end zone multiple times.

We have an emerging squad ready to light up defenses at any time, but we are shooting ourselves in the foot with stupid penalties, miscues, blown assignments, protection, and not capitalizing on opportunities.

Let’s be serious, it’s the SWAC Conference. Teams have improved this year. This week’s opponent, Prairie View is 4-0 and when they got the tape of Grambling’s offense against Langston, they were probably licking their chops.

Defenders can run blitz packages all day long because the offensive line has not proved that they can block anybody.

Defensive Coordinators don’t have to put in much work to stop Grambling because we stop ourselves.

For now, things don’t look good. With 4-0 Prairie View lurking, the offense has to score; if they don’t it will be a long afternoon in Dallas.

GSU already has a stellar defense but if the offense can come along, this will be a team that will be unbeatable in the SWAC.