Students should complain less, participate more

As I walked toward the Women’s Gym Saturday, I had many thoughts going through my head. After all, it was a day that many people had waited for, and it was finally here. I made my way through Long-Jones Hall and Jewett Hall, looking to see who was out there.To my dismay, the only students present at this glorious event were the World Famed Tiger Marching Band and Gramblinite staff members. Not only that, but few professors, faculty and staff were out there as well.

It’s sad how people are quick to complain that GSU produces only negatives, but when positives happen, no one shows up. But, is this a trend among Black people in general?

We are a group of people who, for some reason, complain about everything and rarely do something about it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told about problems that go on around campus.

Yet, when the SGA has a general assembly, most of the students who show up are on the SGA or Favrot Student Union Board. I’m sorry, but why are you complaining if you won’t step to the plate and actually do something?

It’s funny how people were quick to watch Flava of Love, but barely watched BET News. It’s funny how College Hill gets more airtime on the sets than the Discovery Channel.

Why is this? Why are we so quick to poison our minds with mindless trash? Yes, these shows are entertaining, but there are many other things to watch that will educate your mind.

Oh, but let a rumor about organization XYZ having an interest meeting kick up, and people will flock there to see if it’s true. But a fact about a meeting of the minds for improving the university yields only 15 people.

But let two idiots fight in the Union; everyone and their momma will be there, trying to see what happened. A community service project to help the kids out with homework will be vastly ignored.

When refunds drop on the card, everyone quickly goes to Wally World to buy whatever their heart desires. Yet, a women’s basketball fundraiser for a disease gets few to no donations.

You see, we keep ignoring the positives and only focus on the negatives. I still laugh every time I’m told that The Gramblinite puts out nothing but negative news. It’s one of the longest-running perceptions of a newspaper I’ve ever seen.

Maybe we should do that though. Put some negatives in to draw the positives out. Then again, maybe a fight should’ve broken out at the Eddie Robinson Museum Groundbreaking ceremony. I’m sure you would’ve been there then.