SGA addresses concerns of students

The Student Government Association’s general assembly consisted of introductions of the class presidents, as well as current and future plans the administration desires to provide. The freshman class president plans to hold picnics, socials and HIV awareness drives so the class can familiarize themselves with events on campus and how they can be positively active on campus.

Sophomore class president, Constance Brown wants her class to attend fund-raisers such as powder puff football games and a Christmas toy drive to spread holiday cheer to less fortunate children in the community.

Chris Hughes, junior class president, wishes that his class would support his plans of taking part in community service projects as well as food, book and clothes drives.

There will be a career fair for the seniors on Oct. 16 which will be coordinated by Jared Evans, class president. Evans believes that finding a sufficient career is vital for his generation.

“The Career Fair is going to be full of increased quality jobs for the students who are interested and career services will be available for guidance purposes,” Evans said.

The assembly also included issues that were addressed by the SGA officials. If an issue was not addressed during the assembly, the association strongly encouraged the students to attend the next general assembly on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Advisors should be present to discuss those issues.

The issues that were addressed included everything from trash on dorm property to loss of work study assignments on campus. Each SGA officials let the campus hear insight on problems, like how to keep the campus clean and safe for faculty and students.

SGA president, Chris Harmon expressed how he wants the campus to unite to make sound situations. Harmon also said he wanted the students support.

“If I don’t have the student body behind me to back me up…then nothing will be changed,” he told the sparse crowd.

Harmon stated that the “Big Event” will be where students come together to clean the park near Richmond Hall. Harmon has plans for the park to be used for recreational purposes. The “Big Event” will take place Oct. 19.

Dealing with the campus safety issue, Harmon conveyed that the student body needs to take part in keeping everyone safe. Harmon also added that SGA seeks the information needed to ensure adequate security is provided.

A first time attendant, Andranik Jackson expected to hear some new ideas on how the SGA plans to include the campus on the major changes at hand.

“I hope that the SGA plans to not only address certain issues, but give a realistic solution on how the campus can prosper,” she said.

Alonzo Blalock, chief of staff of the SGA, believes that student attendance is mandatory when critical topics are discussed and addressed at meetings such as this.

“I want to see the Black and Gold Room full, because the student’s university experience is on the line,” he said.