Referees need to let players decide games’ outcomes

I am a fan of football and recently, there refs have made a couple blown calls that even a blind person can see.Let us start with the BYU and Washington game. Washington quarterback Jake Lockler was flagged a 15-yard celebration penalty, which pushed the extra point back to the 35 yard line, in which BYU blocked the kick and won the game.

Then on Sunday the Denver Broncos Quarterback Jay Cutler fumbled the ball; however the refs missed the call and the Broncos won the game 39-38.

Those two calls were ridiculous and I think that the refs should just let them play. Sometimes games are called too tight and that takes away from the excitement of the football game.

It is a shame for a player to study film, go to practice, and work hard the whole entire week just to have it squandered by a referee who was just making a ” Judgement” call.

In the world of sports, every game is important, who knows if that one game will keep the San Diego Chargers form making the playoffs, or keeping the Washington Huskies out of a bowl game, who knows.