Get to know Miss GSU

She arrived in a simple sundress, trademark hair flip a nod to retro, face dolled, sans entourage- and fifteen minutes late. Simultaneously, Lakesha Ross apologized for the C.P. time and smiled. She explained that a woman stopped her on the street outside the Xpress with several questions.As we talked, the occasional passerby waved; she waved back and sat delicately on the edge of a cushy chair in Starbucks, ankles crossed slightly. She spoke with a soothing Southern accent and understated hand gestures. After salutations, we got to the good stuff. Namely, who the latest Miss Grambling State University says she is.

Imani Jackson: Where are you from?
Lakesha Ross: West Monroe, Louisiana.

IJ: What’s your major? Ultimate goals after college?
LR: Business management and marketing. I want to work in the corporate world, own a clothing business and just become a successful entrepreneur.

IJ: Describe yourself in three words.
LR: Loving, kindhearted, Christian. (Smiled and paused) I’m trying to limit it to three!

IJ: Describe your ascension to the crown. How does it feel to be Miss Grambling?
L.R.: A friend motivated me.The attention feels good. I get along with everyone.

IJ: Why was your campaign strategy effective?
LR: I ran a clean Christian campaign. Everyone worked together. Everyone got acquainted.

IJ: What was your slogan?
LR: Be your own boss. Vote Lakesha Ross.

IJ: What was your platform?
LR: One night of passion can be a lifetime of pain. I’m talking about AIDS in the black community. Wrap it up!

IJ: A little birdie told me that Miss Grambling gets a new car. How true is that?
LR: Go look outside! (Laughs.) Same car. Not true. I wish I did get a new car.

IJ: Do you have other experience with pageantry?
L.R.: Homecoming queen in high school and church pageants, but not really.

IJ: What are your hobbies?
L.R.: I love to shop. Bowl, skate, and spend time with [my] family.

IJ: Embarrassing moment?
LR: I fell at the mall one time. I was so embarrassed! This other girl fell first and we laughed. After [I fell] we just left.

IJ: When did you stop believing in Santa Claus?
LR: I was probably six or seven years old, but I really believed because my grandma set out some cookies and coke. They were gone the next morning.

IJ: Ideal vacation spots?
LR: I want to go to Hawaii and Paris .When I was younger my family went to Hot Springs in Arkansas . [I also enjoy going to] the Blue Bayou in Baton Rouge .

IJ: Pet peeves?
LR: People who constantly talk.two faced people.

IJ: Any advice to future Miss Gramblings and other aspiring young ladies?
LR: I always give it up to God first. Never give up on your dreams. If God brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it. Stay focused.Wait for your season.

Sounds like perfect timing.

Ross and the rest of the Royal Court will be crowned tonight at the Miss GSU Coronation.

The coronation starts at 7 p.m. and will be held in the GSU Assembly Center. The attire for the event is semi-formal.