Much achieved, but more needs to be done, Harmon says

We are already a month into school and as the Student Government Association president, I am pleased with what is going on with the school thus far. However, the job is far from done.

The goal is to leave a legacy and a new trend of workers and ideas with the SGA even after I graduate from Grambling State University.

Many students still do not realize how important SGA is to the student body, and that is my mission this year.

I am very pleased with the Senior Class officers and the Freshman Class as a whole. I notice a lot of freshmen not only campaigned for a position in student government, but also willingly offered their services as volunteers in the SGA.

I have been to a few seminars and other events around campus and I am seeing freshmen everywhere. I love to see the involvement.

I am pleased to say that the Senior Class officers Ronnie Evans and Staci Hall have several programs sketched out for the year to help benefit graduating seniors who will be leaving here this semester or in the spring.

A lot of seniors are unsure of what they want to do with their lives, and the class officers have dedicated their time to help you decide. I also encourage the seniors to attend the class meetings. We want to plan a Senior Class trip, and we need your involvement and input.

As a collective student body, I am pleased that we had over 200 volunteers sign up to help evacuees during Hurricane Gustav. Not to mention that members of Omega Psi Phi, Distinguished Black Women and Alpha Phi Alpha also played a helping role during this tragic time for many people.

A very successful program that turned out great was the “Watch Party” for Barak Obama’s acceptance of the presidential nomination.

Grambling State is continuing to build a better environment every day. The dorms are being completed, the Greek Park renovations are beginning to take place, the theater is being mapped out. We have a committee together for our new transportation system that will begin within the next few weeks, and television monitors have been placed in Tiger Express.

We as a student body need to continue to support the school as it constantly changes. But on another note, we need to take great care of our community.

Community service is never wrong. If you see trash on the ground, politely pick up. And if you have trash in your hand, put it in the trash bin. These are the little things that count, that the president and faculty members see when it comes to giving us more attractions around campus.

Many people see me often, if not in my office, then out around the yard or in the cafeteria or in Tiger Express. I try to make myself easily to accessible and I am very approachable. When you hear members of Omega Psi Phi say, “If you need anything at all, come to Chris Harmon, our SGA president,” they really mean that.

I am in office to take care of the students as they constantly strive for knowledge and education, and I plan to support you all in anyway possible.

Continue to be active in organizations and have fun around campus. We are always accepting help, so don’t be afraid to stop by the office and lend a helping hand whenever you can.

I am located in Room 214 in the Student Union. Thanks, and let us continue to have a successful year! Thank you for all of your support.