Meet and greet with the Calendar Girls

The 2008-2009 activity calendar has finally arrived, with Calendar Girls signing calendars on Tuesday.Participants got a chance to meet the Calendar Girls and get their copy of the calendar signed.

Kayla Williams, Miss August, is one of those that one would least expect to enter.

“I consider myself a tomboy,” the Ontario, Toronto, native said.

Even though she went out of her element by entering in the pageant, it was a chance to do something different that introduced her transformation.

Like the other women who are in the pageant, the month that they represent has to be carried out.

“It’s a blessing” said Williams. “If the opportunity presented itself, I would definitely do another pageant.”

Some gained useful experience from participating in the pageant.

“I learned stage presence and poise, in addition to making friends,” said Amyra Chapman, Miss October. “I hope to be an inspiration to other girls to participate in the pageant because I once felt discouraged myself.”

The pageant also lifted the spirits of those who participated.

“I have more confidence in myself that I can do anything,” said Tiffany Wells, Miss June.

For some, it was more than a pageant.

Miss Cover Girl Annia Jenkins is a transfer student from Dillard University. Jenkins hopes to be labeled as an ambassador for GSU.

“I don’t consider myself to be a beauty queen,” she said. “It’s about what’s on the outside of a person. You just use the title as your vessel, bringing knowledge about our platform.”

When Jenkins graduates from Grambling, she hopes to conduct workshops and seminars with young adults about obesity. She also hopes and believes that students will remember her after she is gone.

“I am most proud of her discipline, self-control and strong respect for her academics,” said Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins, Annia’s mother. “I hope she’s able to receive a degree in nursing and that the growth of being at a HBCU will go with her.