What the Biden option brings to the table

When I wrote an article earlier this year about the chances of Sen. Barack Obama winning the Democratic Primaries, I had few doubting Thomases. A colleague of mine wrote on how Hillary would be the next president and one of my professors suggested that neither an African American nor a woman could be nominated; she predicted John Edwards would secure the nomination. I guess they were wrong.As I give credit to Barack Obama, David Axelrod, David Plouffe and other campaign staff, volunteers and supporters for building one of the most successful campaigns in the History of the United States, I also praise Obama’s vice presidential pick, Sen. Joe Biden. It would be the 2nd time in US history since two senators would be on the same ticket, the first being John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Biden, a sixth term senator from Delaware has been in politics for a while and has mastered foreign relations, serving as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. He also served as Chairman of the judicial committee handling issues ranging from civil rights to crime prevention.

How does this help Obama? Obama has been portrayed mostly by the Right wing Media and conservatives as terribly inexperienced when it comes to foreign policy, a view that I disagree, Obama has the judgment and vision.It seems most people tend to confuse experience as longevity in Washington.

When Obama proposed an 11-month Timetable for Withdrawal in Iraq, He was criticized by many; now, we see the current administration and Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq negotiating a timetable for withdrawal.

Al-Maliki, even suggested such withdrawal must include a specific “timeline” and not “open -ended”. Obama also suggested he would meet with leaders of other nations considered as threats, he was constantly attacked; we see how the current administration has been negotiating with Iran on their nuclear program. Biden, on the other hand balances this equation, with his experience in foreign relations and Obama’s judgment and vision, the two will make a dynamic duo in foreign policy.

Biden, who was raised in Pennsylvania, would be able to secure that state for Obama. He also would attract blue collar voters and the catholic vote which would help Obama in certain swing states.

Biden would also sway various independent voters and Republicans to the ticket, recent polls show Obama and Sen. John McCain are statically tied in the race. Obama, earlier has attracted independent voters and dissatisfied republicans with his message of change, with Biden on the ticket those yet to make up their mind would look at Biden’s record; a man with 36 years of experience, fighting crime and Foreign Policy expert would paint Obama’s readiness to be president.

Finally, Biden would be able to take Shots at the Republican Machine with ease. He is known for his ability to call a spade a spade with a smile. Having been friends with Mccain, He knows his strengths and his weakness; Biden would help Obama on the attacking side.

I predict Obama and Biden would sail to the White House. I hope for no complications like 2000.