SGA President offers advice and annoucnes plans to students

Welcome and greetings all returning students and incoming freshmen to Grambling State University, where “Everybody is somebody.” I am Chris Harmon, your Student Government Association President.
During my term in office, I plan to dedicate this year to Change and Community Service.The entire campus is changing rapidly starting with new dorms, to new equipment, and even new academic buildings. I plan to keep the campus clean and keep things looking as new as they are and, with the help of the students, I hope that it will be easier to make happen.
On a side note, the SGA is rebuilding its ground and we hope that many students wish to join us this year.
Leadership is what we are striving for and we are always accepting new workers. We really would like to encourage the Freshmen to get very active in SGA. By experiencing the work atmosphere as a young college student, you would be very well advance as you grow older in SGA. Be consistent. That is the key to our success in SGA. I was very well pleased with the turnout of freshmen nominations.

Several freshmen came out and showed their interest in the open positions. However, I am a little upset about the sophomore class. Not many people are interested in SGA and we need more representatives from your class.

Some of the projects that we are working on as of now is the Transportation System. We should have that up and running within a month or so.

The bus will take students without transportation to Wal-Mart, Monroe, or Shreveport on the weekends. In addition, a Theatre is in the process to be built upstairs in the union.

This is the semester of the Presidential Election, so we also plan to spend a lot of time getting students registered to vote with our Voter Empowerment Program.

Also, the class officers will be spending time mentoring students, helping students prepare for graduation, networking, community service, fundraising, and remaining active with campus activities to better the student body.

I have an open door policy upstairs in the union and at anytime if you have any questions, feel free to stop by.

Our General Body Assembly meeting will be held on Sept. 17 in the Black and Gold Room and we are inviting every student on campus to come and voice their complaints and concerns and gather a full knowledge on what’s going on at Grambling State University.

Once again, welcome to the Tiger Family, and I look forward to meeting you as a student and helping you as a freshman. Good Luck.