Campus minister welcomes students

Welcome to Grambling State University, the land where you will experience a journey of finding out who you are and where you are going. Many young people have left their comfort zones and now will experience transition from secondary to higher education, a significant personal development. College a space, of new friends, a place for new experiences, and a time of exploration for new opportunities and a time to reflect upon core values and beliefs in life.

College is a Spiritual Quest for many students. Many students arrive to college to gain freedom from their helicopter parents of families, to find their selves total lost, lonely and not sure what to do with the freedom they have found themselves with.

A recent study by researchers of ULCA has explored changes during college in students’ religious beliefs and commitment, political orientation and attitudes, health and well being.

College is the time to explore faith and religion. Many persons come from very small communities and know of one denomination or Faith. Now that you are in college, you will find that there is a multiplicity of various Faiths and denominations around you.

UCLA study finds that undergraduates while not attending many religious services after three years in college; students undergo significant spiritual growth, as indicated by:

– A growing ethnic of caring.- strives to reduce pain and suffering in the world

– A need for reflection.. Developing a meaningful philosophy of life, thankful for all that has happened to them.

– Strong senses of purpose..many by the time they are juniors say it is very important or essential to “integrate spirituality into their lives, becoming a more loving person, and some desire to work to improve the human conditions.

The UCLA’s study also revealed growth in what the researchers call an “ecumenical world”

GSU’s United Campus Ministries would like to help you walk this awesome journey, of transition. As, your campus ministry director I want to encourage you to learn from other faiths, and cultures. Having an open mind, open heart, and faith will help you to become a more knowledge person.

Explore other denominations, not just you own, for during your matriculation you will explore and open the mind to greater opportunities in politics, cultures, social justice, and religion.

United Campus Ministry has several registered religious clubs and organizations, which will eagerly help you to adjust to your new life on campus as a person a Faith.

Campus Ministry is the unit that helps to create new friendships, prepare one for professional leadership in the life of the church or Religion through our chaplaincy programs with the Armed Forces, and Seminaries.

Campus Ministry offers the opportunity for students to do community services in restorative justice, media communication, education, and generic ministry Campus Ministry provides spiritual formation experiences on campus and at retreats.

Students in campus ministry share in small life group discussions of current issues, the bible, and the life of Christ Jesus, as well as how should we live in the their Faith traditions.

Campus Ministry is a student led organization, preparing leaders to lead, through connecting academicism and spirituality for a holistic Journey.

Our many organizations offer many styles of Theological Studies of the Bible during the week:

– GSU-SWAT Team – 7 p.m. – Monday Robinson Hall, Main Street

– Methodist Student Movement – 6 p.m. – Monday Robinson, Main Street

– Catholics Youth Organization – 6 p.m. Tuesday Catholic Center, Central Ave.

– Baptist Collegiate Ministry- 6 p.m. Lewis Temple Church, Main Street

– Seventh Day Adventist Fellowship – Wednesday, and Friday Main Street

– Love Alive, COGIC, Thursday, 6 p.m. location TBA

– Chi Alpha – Contact 274-3135

– Interfaith Communities of Muslim Collegiate Fellowship – TBA

coming events for freshmen: Meet Campus Ministry 3-6 p.m. Robinson

Stop by and meet our leaders, as well as Rev. Connie and other of the Faith Community

All church buses will Park in front of the Favort Union. Please contact the campus ministry office for more information.

Interested in planning please contact Rev. Connie at 274-3135.