‘Visit Us’ is upon us

As the fall school year rolls around slowly, it is obvious to see the hard work put into to the campus, as it prepares for the upcoming freshman.
In fall 2007, Grambling State University admitted 2,017 new freshman; however, this year for fall 2008, the numbers are expected to increase drastically.
Why would the enrollment increase by so much?
“Grambling has been doing a lot of renovations to accommodate the new class of freshmen. It’s a better university now,” said Lakesha Kidd of the Admissions Office.
There are so many reasons to answer why, it’s rather difficult to find a place to start. Besides being recognized as a good university to continue one’s higher learning, GSU has many new renovations taking place that will be ready by August.
And then there’s “Visit Us.”
Many students travel from all over the world to take part in the orientation to help them decide whether to come to GSU. From New Jersey to Trinidad, the students are pouring in from all over. The new student dorms are just some of the new entities that Grambling State University has to offer.
Even though the cost of attendance is increasing every year, which puts a question on how affordable schooling is at the university, there are many grants available for the students, Admissions and Recruitment personnel say. Information can be found in Lee Hall, which is the Financial Aid Office.
For those who have questions on the admissions criteria, visit Grambling’s Web site, www.gram.edu, 24 hours a day or call (318) 274-4455 or 274-6183.
Visit Us will take place Saturday in the Assembly Center.