Summer numbers down from last year

The total enrollment for the Summer School Session I 2008 was approximately 1,246 and Session II is 1074, according to the Registrar’s Office.
Last year’s Summer Sessions consisted of more students, having in the first session 1,257 and second session 1,317.
There are 261 freshmen, 169 sophomores, 176 juniors and 382 seniors who are currently taking courses in Session II.
Of those seniors, 117 are candidates for graduation.
Some students who have attended both Sessions I and II agreed that the students’ attendance level looked as if it was greater in Session II.
As far as next year’s Summer school, it will consist of two sessions also.
After Summer School Session II 2008, Grambling State will no longer have summer graduations; the only commencements will be held after the Fall and Spring semesters.
“I visited Grambling a long time ago and I liked what it had to offer,” said Elizabeth Arizaga, who is one of those candidates for graduation. She is seeking a master’s degree in mass communication.
The Mexico native called her experience at GSU “interesting.”
Senior Roderick Williams Jr. of Lake Arthur said he attended summer school “basically to finish what I started.”
He said, “Classes need to be handled and worked out on time for that graduation celebration.”
Kassandra Robert, a senior from Dominica, said she is here for summer school “in order to finish my curriculum in accounting and computer Information System to graduate in the spring.