Reflections on why students attend Grambling

Grambling State University is known throughout the country and in most parts of the world. The university’s population is composed of a variety of faces and colors, but why do so many make GSU their choice?
Some of the reasons students say they are attending Grambling range from family, scholarships, and cheaper price. The students enjoy the accommodations, but would also like to see some changes within the university.
Cary Jackson, a sophomore CIS major from Ruston, said “I attend GSU because of family tradition and I like it.”
“It’s going great so far, but I would like to see more activities going on,” said Jackson.
“It’s alright; Grambling was cheaper than some of the other colleges,” said Schuyler Huff, a senior biology major
from Wiggins, Miss.
“I wish the campus had a warmer atmosphere, more visible security, and a way to claim my dorm room without having to drive four hours for seemingly nothing,” Huff said.
Christopher Williams, a junior health promotion major from Ruston, said “Grambling was my last resort when finding a school to attend for four years.”
He said Grambling was ok; but could be better. “I wouls like to see tuition and fees used properly, SGA and administration doing their jobs,” Williams said.
Ernest William, senior
engineering major from New Orleans, said “I was signed to play ball and its been great, but I would like to see the registration process changed.”
Gary Jackson, a sophomore business management major from Ruston, said “It’s like a family tradition and I always knew I would be here; but I would like to see financial aid refund checks disbursed earlier.”
Monique Mercado, sophomore psychology major from Oakland, Calif, “I heard a lot of good things about Grambling and a few of my friends were enrolled, but it hasn’t been all that my friends made it up to be. “I would like to see the administration become more organized because right now they are very unorganized,” Mercado said.