We find post racial ‘Poster Boy’ in Barack Obama

American political scene was waiting for a rock star. And they got it. His name is Barack Obama. Rather an unusual name by American standard.
Majority of the Americans are so demoralized by failed Bush policies; the emergence of Obama was like the arrival of spring time after a long, cruel and bitter winter. The Obama phenomenon that has swept America by surprise since democrats in Iowa made their choice known in early January this year.
They preferred a candidate of “hope and change” over “experience and connected.” His poetic speech and inspirational message has brought a generation of young Americans in our political process. They were waiting for an Obama brand. It happens rarely in history, that a person becomes a brand name in political culture. Fortunately, that’s what we are watching in America.
It will be an understatement to say Obama made history. Rather American people made history through the voice and spirit of Obama. At a time when more than 80% of the Americans thinks the country is going in the wrong direction ” the Hope and Change” message with the mix of Kenney-King mystique is getting tuned to American psyche.
When Obama speaks, you listen. He took public speaking to new art form – a form which is so mesmerizing – you almost get a heavenly touch. His speech can inspire people in a manner no politician of our time can do. He has transformed the American political scene in a fundamental way. It’s almost like a paradigm shift. American politics will never be same.
Regrettably, the Bush-Cheney Clique has let down American pride and it’s a “can-do” spirit. Obama has brought America to a higher standard – a level where we ought to be.
America is a “can-do” country – multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural country. Melting pot is not a theoretical model, it’s a fact of life. It makes America better and greater.
Obama is an expression of America that we want to see. An America which is economically and politically powerful; an America which is respected and admired around the world. The forces of the establishment want to keep America hostage to it’s past.
The 21st century is a century of global village, empowered by internet and progressive ideas – where every nation, race, ethnicity and culture have the opportunity and the choice to do the best. Given proper opportunity America and Americans can do their best.
Obama has proven – “yes, I can do” is not hear say – it’s a reality. You can do it if you work hard for it. Young men and women of any background can achieve and become whatever they want. Having a goal in life and figuring out a way to do it, and then work hard for it. If it does not work, review your goal and work style.
Obama has proven once again; in America, or for that matter, anywhere around the world you can achieve whatever you want to achieve. You can go wherever you want to go, it does not matter where you came from. Impossible is a word which is found in the dictionary of stupid.
Obama has proven you can conquer the whole world if you have the will power to do it. May the Obama spirit be the part and parcel American future. He is the post racial poster boy of America. Dr. Nasir Ahmed is a public administration professor at GSU.