GSU Labortory schools roundup year

The Grambling State University Laboratory schools closed the year with honors programs as well as graduations.
The Grambling Middle Magnet School held their graduation exercises on Friday, May 23 in the School of Nursing auditorium. The speaker was Krystin Frazier, a GSU fall 2007 mass communication graduate. Frazier was a product of all three laboratory schools.
The eighth grade graduation class left the school flowers to be planted and nourished just as they had been. A challenge was extended to the seventh graders while representatives from the class accepted it.
Gloria Moore and Gwendolyn Douglas received tokens from the class for serving as their sponsors.
There were a number of awards given to the graduates. The highest honor student was Damion Ferguson and the second highest honor student was Nicole Nwoha.
Damion Ferguson captured a number of awards, including top academic student. The receipt’s academic achievements were calculated from sixth through eighth grade. Damion was voted as Student of the Year by the faculty. He also shared the Academic Achievement award from Washington D.C. with Nwoha. Nwoha also received a special award for a perfect score on the LEAP math test.
Chelsea Williams and Reginald Thompson received the Citizenship Award, voted on by the faculty. Gabriel Moore was named Outstanding Band Member and the class placed first in the regional 4-H competition along with outstanding 4-H president 2007-2008.
Alma J. Brown Elementary held their graduation on Wednesday, May 28 in the School of Nursing auditorium. Through the song “Never Would Have Made It,” the fifth grade class thanked their teachers, administrators and staff.
Dr. Shawn Warner, dean of the College of Education, told the graduates to always do their very best, the sky is the limit and except no substitutes.
“Always be respectful, don’t be a shame of during your best, and know that the GSU lab experience should not be taken for granted,” Dr. Warner said.
Warner challenged the students that it was important to read something over the summer.
After a slide show of the graduates and their future plans, Lucas Lawrence walked down memory lane, starting from kindergarten and moving to the fifth grade years.
Ten students enrolled at the school since kindergarten received awards by Lula Wesley, school counselor. Regina Gregory, principal, presented Lawrence with the highest honor award from the Lincoln Parish School Board. Lawrence presented a portfolio to qualify.
The highest graduate at the Grambling High School graduation was Tiffany Rochelle Hall and coming in second as salutatorian was Abriyonna Lanee’ Hall. The graduation was held in the Grambling Assembly Center Tuesday, May 23.
Encouraging the graduates to move to the next level was Dr. Brett Sims, head of the Department of Math and Computer Science at Grambling State University, the speaker for the evening.
Dr. Sims reminded the students that a good leader know how to be a good follower.Jamilla Tellis – David Crawford Foundation Scholarship
Colton Reese – Athletic Scholarship Bossier Parish Community College
Dominic Calhoun – NAACP Scholarship
Cederrick Mixon – Concert Marching Band Service Award (GSU)
Pink Sherman Memorial Scholarship
Emma Dill – New Rocky Valley Baptist Church Academic Scholarship
Tameka Taylor – Pink Sherman Memorial Scholarship
Travis Gray – Concert Marching Service Award (GSU)

Markesha Peterson – NAACP Scholarship
Mississippi Valley State University Athletic Scholarship
Jerald Watley – Northwestern University Scholarship
Southern University Scholarship
Alabama A&M University Scholarship
Privateer Scholarship (UNO)
Academic Achievement Award (GSU)
NSG Scholarship (GSU)

Tiffany Hall
Jamilla Tellis
Abriyanna Hill
Jerald Watley
Travis Gray
Emma Dill

Lincoln Parish Academic Awards:
Emma Dill (1st)
Travis Gray (1st)
Abriyanna Hill (2nd)
Sharondralyn Hill (2nd)
Jamilla Tellis (2nd)
Katrina Harris (2nd)
Justin Rogers (3rd)
Tiffany Hall (4th)

Additional awads were also presented to GHS graduates by Grambling State University by representative Eward Scott.