ABJ honors student achievement

Fifth-grader Lucas Lawrence was named Student of the Year at Alma J. Brown Elementary School during its annual Achievement Recognition Day on May 13.
During the ceremony, AJB students from kindergarten through fifth grade were recognized for awards ranging from academic achievement to perfect attendance.
Lawrence’s selection as Student of the Year was based on academics and citizenship. Presenter Shirley Lewis said. Lewis is the schools curriculum coordinator.
One much-awarded student was Kayla Wiley, daughter of assistant professor Susan B. Wiley. Kayla was named the Top Academic Student in First Grade and won the Principal’s Award for maintaining a perfect 4.0 grade-point average for the school year.
Kayla also was honored for being the August Student of the Month for first grade and the Outstanding Student in Library Science. Her perfect attendance throughout the school year was also recognized.
Kayla’s favorite award was the Principal’s Award, “because it’s the biggest,” she said.
Her mother was excited for Kayla and all the AJB students who were honored. “I feel very grateful that Kayla has done so well in first grade,” Wiley said. “It’s always a joy for students to receive recognition for their academic achievement.”
Kayla was one of only eight students honored with the Principal’s Award. The others were Tiara Jones, Shemire` Brown, Aaron Hill and many others.
“It’s a wonderful experience for the children and their parents,” said Altha Madison, mother of second-grader Johlik Madison, who was recognized for making the honor roll.
Madison commended the faculty and staff at Alma J. Brown. “They did an outstanding job with the awards program,” she said.
Another parent, Alfred Hill, father of two honorees, also lauded the program. “It boosts the students’ morale and encourages them to do better in the future,” he said.
Hill’s daughter Kyrah and son Aaron were both honored for making the Principal’s list four times. Aaron was also recognized as the student with the highest academic average in first grade.
Kyrah is a fourth-grader.An emotional part of the ceremony came when a plaque was dedicated to Haley Blake, an AJB kindergartner who was killed in an automobile accident last year. Curriculum coordinator Lewis said the plaque will be mounted outside the kindergarten classroom so “the school will never forget her.