TigerFest takes a step forward

I can honestly say this year’s Tigerfest was definitely a step up from last year. Although as an upperclassman I’ve realized the campus events seem to lose their charisma the longer you’re here, it was still memorable. I guess I could give the Advisory Board members of the Student Union Board a pat on the back. Whoever planned the events must have kept last year’s disappointment in mind.

I believe the best part of Tigerfest is the tradition of continuous activities during the day and night. This year brought along new ideas such as free pizza, hot dogs, burgers, snowcones and a DJ during class hours. Not only are young black people attracted to loud music and food, but the word “free” was definitely enough to lure them in.

Not to mention this was the first year anybody could buy a Tigerfest shirt as opposed to the previous years where you had to be a member on the Union Board.

I’ve heard people disagree with the fact that there were so many artists at the concert. Some way they should have just got one big artist instead of five small ones. I disagree; the idea of having five was actually a good idea!

It was my first time ever attending a Tigerfest concert actually. The variety of having five different artists allows room for the coming attractions of a diverse audience.

For instance, a Shawty Lo audience would never normally sit through a Raheem DeVaughn show. It was a good idea to mix it up for once and draw different people in for a change.

Stepping into the bad side, there were a few things that I didn’t quite think were effective or just didn’t really understand. First of all, what’s up with using tickets for absolutely everything?

I can see how it of course would be used at the nighttime events in order to keep track of people who paid their money, but standing in one long line to get a ticket to stand in another long line is just ridiculous. I say just hand the free food out to whomever. First come, first serve and that’s point blank.

Second, I enjoyed the concert, but what was up with every artist singing their whole albums on stage? I truly believe each artist should have been given a three song maximum.

And last but surely not least, we were all feeling a little bit like Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.no air in the auditorium. I’m not from Louisiana, but I’ve been here long enough to know that sometimes you could fry an egg on the sidewalk outside the café.

Tigerfest is an annual event! They could have had the problem fixed by then. Or here is another suggestion, why don’t we finally put the Assembly Center to use in emergencies like this?

With the exception of the New Orleans and Shreveport beef that ended Tigergfest abruptly, it was overall a great week to enjoy the last few days of class and look forward to the summer after working all year. Let’s just hope next year keeps up the good work.