Sean Bell’s killers acquitted

Last Friday, a New York jury acquitted three NYPD policemen of the shooting death of 23-year-old Sean Bell. Bell died in a hail of bullets, after leaving his bachelor party located at the Kalua Cabaret, the morning of November 26, 2006.This decsion has sparked outrage among African-Americans in the United States. My reaction is beyond disbelief.

In America today, people especially Black men do not like policemen and I really don’t think this incident helps the reputation of police officials. Police departments such as the: Los Angeles and New York City Police departments, have been labeled as unfair and supe-aggerisve when it comes to dealing with African American men.

This Sean Bell incident just proves people’s opinions to be true, that some police are terrible decision makers and just trigger happy.

Explain this to me; you shoot at Sean Bell about 50 times; however he did not have any type of weapons on him, how is this man a threat at all? It amazes me how some police will shoot at unarmed people, but when someone has a gun, it is a standoff. To take that man’s life is ridiculous.

The man was only 23, he was about to get married and he has a infant daughter, but that child will never get to know her father, thanks to some crooked cops who were scared because they feared for their life. A question that I would like to pose to the NYPD police chief, shouldn’t you is a little worried that police are scared of people without guns?

The police officers that took his life deserve to be labeled as criminals and sent to prison forever; instead since they are police officers, they say that my life was in danger and they get a free pass. Those same police officers will problay shoot someone again. If that was anyone else, they would have been thrown under the jail.

The police motto is to protect and serve, but who are they protecting and serving? Problay themselves. Sean Bell did not deserve to die like he did, to be shooting to death as if he is a ruthless, irrelevant person. He was someone who was just having a good time at his bachelor party and that is all. Justice was not served for Bell ‘s family, something has to be done.

Something has to be to stop police brutality in this country. Too many innocent people have been killed just because police make bad choices. Police in this country are becoming a hurt instead off a help. How many people will have to lose there lives, for the police understand that what they are doing is crippling the community and not hurting it.

I just think that the police will never understand.