Laughter for the soul

On Wednesday, TigerFest seemed to be better than the days before. At 7 p.m., the comedy show started as usual with music to keep the students alive and hyped until the comedians were ready to put on their performances. The opening act was one of our own Grambling State University students by the name of Curtis Arrington.His comedic ways awarded him some laughs throughout the crowd as he talked about student life on campus, which we all could relate to. Afterward, the comedy show kicked off with the first comedian who also played the host for the night.

Nard Houston from Atlanta Georgia who rolled called the sororities and fraternity, but joked about them after he realized that the responses were weak. Houston also cracked on the Grambling State Police. He also turned his attention to some rude students in the audience because of their disruption.

Second to get on stage was Sean Larkins. Larkins’ jokes where more for the mature minded. However, before he left off stage, he could not resist cracking jokes on some people who were in the audience who were also being rude. In addition, cracked jokes on one of The Grambinite’s cameramen.

Lastly, was Shang Forbes, a well-known comedian because of his history with BET. He joked about sex. He also told a compelling story about his time in jail, while giving advice on weapon-making. Afterwards, the comedians sat with the Gramblinite to talk about their time here at Grambling.

Houston said that he would come back to Grambling because he likes the energy.

“The reason why I think the students respond so well is because they see that I am still hood,” he said.

However, he feels that some of the responses that he got made him realize that some of the college students are still young.

Larkins stated that he was in elementary school when he found out how funny he was. He also said he loved the south, but he doesn’t “enjoy the heat.”

Larkins said that his motivation was how he grew up but managed to never become apart of the drug game or doing things that got him in serious trouble.

Forbes was probably the most compelling of them all. The single parent revealed that it was his second time coming to GSU. However, during the time he was not on the road touring, he spent three years in a federal prison.

“I was standing in line to get in the club,” Forbes explained, “when the security guard said something that was real racist. I tried to be a man until he spit in my face which is the most disrespectful thing you could do to a person.

“Things lead up to a big fight and people got hurt, but sh-happens,” he continued. “While I was in jail, I got into altercation and got hit with a chair pretty bad, but amongst it all, it was the best experience that I would not want to go through again.”

Forbes felt like he opened up to the crowd since it was his first time after being missing in action, but he didn’t really knew why he told the story. He figured some students would get something out of it.

Despite the fortune and the fame, comedians revealed that when they come to GSU they are really nervous due to the harshness of the crowd.