Emergency system has shaky start

On Friday, Grambling State University was shut down because of out-of-control fighting and gunshots being fired. According to The News-Star, Ralph Wilson, the GSU media relations officer, said the GSU Emergency notification system was activated at 2 p.m.

However, many students, on campus and off, didn’t start receiving e-mails and text message alerts until around 5:25 p.m.

Rebecca Thomas, a senior biology major, said she didn’t receive an e-mail or text message. “I signed up for the alert system during election week and I still didn’t receive a notification letting me know anything,” she said.

David Zeiger, a sophomore for Ferriday, received a text message but was unclear about what was going on. “The text message was so vague to where students who commute to campus really wouldn’t know what was going on.”

Though both students agree that some revisions need to take place with the system, they are pleased to have something to depend on.

When contacted for comments, media relations officer Wilson was unavailable at press time.