President-elect of SGA seeks campus unity

As you all know by now, on Friday, April 18, I, Chris Harmon, was elected as your new Student Government Association president. My platform is “Unity,” and I plan to unite students of Grambling State University in order to reclaim our joy at our university. There are several issues that are not being attended to on our campus, and they need to be addressed.

As I discovered during my bid to become SGA president, there are many important people ranging from administrative to student leaders that most students have no clue who these leaders are. I intend to change that by being a visible SGA president who will be accessible to the student body at all times.

I must admit, I cannot make everything happen by myself. There will be some issues that I may not be able to tackle. But with the help of every student and every organization on this campus, we can maximize our voices to the highest high while getting as much done as we humanly can.

I will be around and available to the students when there isn’t a problem and when there is an issue.

Be expecting to see a lot of the SGA members and me follow up on concerns and problems. I can’t make everyone happy, but I can make sure that your school year is filled with a student leader who is willing to address your concerns as if they were my own.

I challenge everyone to get involved. We need students to participate in senate meetings, town hall meetings, various forums, dorm walks, etc.

Knowledge is power, and together “WE” can accomplish the inevitable.

This will all be mentioned over and over again and, as the president, the student body will see a lot of me.

I have already met with President Judson, and computer lab hours will extend to 24 hours during finals. They will also open at 7 a.m. when the fall semester begins to allow students with early classes time to finish assignments.

More information will be coming about the transit system, though the details are not final yet.

As for campus safety, soon security cameras will be going up that will record everything on campus.

There will be a weekly “SGA Corner” in the newspaper to keep students informed about how my administration will be assisting you.

I would like to take a moment to thank the people who helped me get my word across to the students and helped me reach victory because in the end “WE ARE ONE!”
GSU students, remember, I am at your disposal.