Know the cause to correct recession

The first thing in the process of correcting any condition is to know the cause. Therefore, it is necessary to know the events leading to our present recession.Who are the “they” I will be speaking of? They are the pirates, the Skull & Crossbones fraternity, who, unable to get rich by robbing on the high seas, became land pirates, robbing people and nations on the sly.

The means they used to do it was to get something the people wanted, make them depend on it and shoot the prices sky high. The automobile and gas prices became that means, waging war became the means of “laundering” money to them.

What caused the United States to fall into its second recession in less than a hundred years got its beginning when the U.S. Supreme court decided Hans v. Louisiana, on March 3, 1890. What happened is the United States was no longer the constitutional nation it had been and became a nation ruled by the Supreme Court’s precedence.

The court’s decision to ignore that the 10th Amendment [The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.] did not “delegate” or “prohibit” a citizen from suing a state (with state meaning “a governed body,” including the nation).

It took the citizens out of the government’s checks-and-balances equation, leaving citizens with protesting as the only means of drawing attention to the governing body’s misconduct to its citizens.

The wisdom of the December 1791 Constitutional Convention, after seeing the direction the nation was going, ensured that the citizens have a say in the government through suing in the courts, which Hans v. Louisiana took away.

Without the citizens having the right to sue the government to establish needed standards, the government could slowly rob the citizens of their rights and force them to accept whatever the rulers dictated.

That decision also made the oath of the public servants to “protect the constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic,” allowed domestic enemies to be the protectors of the Constitution, and, thereby, the protectors of the nation.

All was needed after circumventing the Constitution was to find a way to rob the nation’s citizens. Therefore, they caused the stock market crash of 1932, which I see as the means to allow them to levy taxes against the citizens to increase the nation’s revenues, the first recession.

The automobile came first, and the people found it so much easier to maintain an automobile than horses and buggies, and gas prices remained low to ensure the nation’s dependency on it. As the automobile began to be a household requirement, their prices began to rise, rise and rise some more.

Then the gas prices began to rise, gradually at first, but with the great dependency on it they needed a means of deceiving the people, and the 1973 Oil Embargo was devised to speed up the increases in gas prices.

Another thing had to be put in place: blinders on Congress, done through “perks” from lobbyists, so it would not develop a commission to prevent gas prices from growing, as the utilities commission does. With those things in place the pirates are ready to become filthy rich once they find a way to “launder money” to the pirates. So they instituted war.

The finishing touch in creating the recession was to establish the illusion of free “public schooling,” which would blind the masses until they accepted whatever the government did.

To stop this depression all Congress needs to do is pass a resolution to roll back the pump oil prices to the 1984 $103 per barrel of crude oil prices. That would lower transportation prices and create the domino effect in reversing all of the nation’s prices, except “minimal wage” which needs to remain where it is because of Congress’ projected raises.

Congress could also levy as a “windfall” tax on all of the oil companies’ profits for at least the last year, if that is enough, to replenish Social Security and bring SS recipients up to the poverty level.

By putting those plans in place, the recession will stop and spending would increase after giving the people more money. That would stimulate the economy.