GHS honors retiring basketball coach

At the annual GHS all-sports banquet, Grambling High paid tribute to longtime basketball coach Michael Lyons, who has retired after 30 seasons at the helm of the Kitten’s program.”It has been a combination of hard work,” coach Lyons said. “I have had the right people around me.”

Family, friends, dignitaries and former players where on hand to salute a man who has an illustrious run at Grambling High.

Every year Lyons’ team competed for a state championship and was a force to be reckoned with. He strolled up and down the sidelines, coaching every game like it was his last. Throughout his 30 years, he has touched so many lives whether it was: players, coaches, faculty members and students.

“Coach Lyons has been an inspiration to me, as a coach and as a player and has taught me so many things.” Said Michael Giles. Head Track and Field Coach.

During the banquet, individuals such as state Rep. Rick Gallot, TV show host Earnie Miles and Grambling High principal Greg Williams, reflected on Michael Lyons the person and not just Michael Lyons the basketball coach.

Lyons was described as a man who works hard, leads by example, is a master motivator and a person who not only taught his players the fundamentals of basketball but the fundamentals of life.

Lyons was also remembered as sharp dresser, as a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Inc, it was rare to see Lyons not dressed dapper.

His 1981 women’s basketball team, recalled there first encounter with Lyons, as he arrived to the gym in a sharp basketball sweat suit, an afro and a his Chevy Camaro Z-28 with Kappa plates.

Michael Lyons leaves Grambling High, with impossible shoes to fill for his future predecessor.

In 30 seasons, Lyons tallied 1,191 wins, 6 state championships, and 41 district championships. He will be forever remembered as the man, who took a small school and made it a powerhouse.

“Michael Lyons has been a pillar in this community and we want to honor him,” said Greg Williams, Grambling High Principal. “He will be surely missed.”

With all of the scrutiny and short cuts coaches are willing to take today, Lyons took none of them. Everything that he did was legal and by the book. Throughout his tenure at Grambling, he committed no violations or infractions; he just ran a clean, successful basketball program.

Michael Lyons will be remembered for several things. From his sharp dress suits, to his coaching style and his tough love during practice. That would just his way of preparing his players not only for the game of basketball but the game of life.