‘Lyrical Quest’ growing by each Thursday performance

A poem was recited, a crowd winning poem entitled “Struggle.” There were also singers and a guy nicknamed “cheesy” danced to ’80’s inspired music and brought back memories for everyone.The small crowd didn’t matter much, and even though last Thursday’s turn out was less than the Thursday before, the response was the same.

It was no doubt that students finally had gotten inspired by poets, some admitting that the hard work Lyrical Quest invested into the evening was paying off for future writers, poets, and artist of many kinds.

Poets and lyricists oppressed their thank you’s and gratitude, for allowing them to express themselves as they did, including Dana Rettig and Arsenio Willburn, who showered his gratitude by writing a poem himself that thanked Lyrical Quest.

The night came to close and the poetry reading ended how it begun, with a song and once again lyrics from Jerome Williams, expressing how “It started as A Dream.”

On Jan. 14, Williams woke up with a vision of a poetry group on his mind. He called 20-year-old junior, Aoko Jordan, also from Monroe, to tell her about his vision.

A couple of calls and a thought process later the group “Lyrical Quest” was born. Jerome and the other members admit to seeing each other around campus, but not really knowing each other before the group began and didn’t care because they all felt the same way.

Other members include: freshman, Deron James, junior Juliuna Mitchell, junior Brandon Scott, and junior Charles Larce.

The group hopes to grow in size recruit people who see their same vision. For a group that began “spittin” their lyrics in the lobby of 600 Dormitory in Tiger Village.

The transition to Woodson Hall was a relief, but still hopes to draw an even larger crowd.

Lyrical Quest host their poetry readings and “Open Mic” every Thursday night, in Woodson Hall Room 10. Be there or be Square.