Has hazing killed it for rest of us?

We all know by now that Grambling State University has been having constant problems with sororities and fraternities and their hazing habits. And we ponder over when enough is enough.There are many of us who really want to be a part of an organization such as the ones that we see on campus, but don’t want to undergo the dreadful hazing. What we don’t know is that hazing has been around almost since the development of our sororities and fraternities and has become somewhat of a tradition.

I believe that if it is a part of the “crossing” process, why change it? It’s all on the person. If it is a burning desire to do whatever to get in, then that person should have no problem with getting hazed. But at the same time, there is a limit to the word “hazing.” Clearly some of the organizations don’t know that limit is.

There are some things we are willing to do. Some of us might even “consider” the paddle, but sometimes they take it entirely too far. If the organizations want to stop getting in so much trouble, they need to really be more careful of whom they accept.

There are many who are willing to go that extra mile, and they should be the ones who get accepted because of their commitment.

But again, the sororities and fraternities should set a limit that doesn’t include the discouragement of students not wanting to be a part of their organization. Then what would be the point?

No one wants to risk themselves being hurt to the point of the hospitalization, or to the point of humiliation or demeaning of character to be in a club. But they do want to say they have worked hard to be a part of an organization that is prestigious.

So if you have it in your blood to be a part of one of the Divine Nine and have the willpower to go through the initiation process -including the hazing – than do it. If not, don’t.

But a word to the organizations: You represent something that students want to be a part of and are ready to represent to the fullest. But you do more damage to your own organization by discouraging students with your extreme hazing.

Hazing doesn’t have to be a scary part of the initiation process, or the part that gets you suspended.