Speaker brings inspirational message to GHS

“You can win,” “Turn it around,” and “You can start over,” were some of the quoted words by Dr. Fairest Hill who spoke during Grambling High School LEAP and GEE testing week. Dr. Hill gave the students a very inspirational message; he inspired the majority of the school to believe that it’s never too late to start over.”You won’t be rewarded for having brains, but for using them,” said Hill.

Born in the Brewster projects in Detroit, Hill grew up with several brothers and sisters. Due to his fathers’ death, it was a sign of strength and determination into his books and speeches.

Even though being placed in special education classes, Hill was able to turn his academics completely around. His ability to speak, motivate, and uplift students around the world has been a new founded talent. Not only was it special for him, but very essential to the hearts he touched when sharing his messages. By working hard and taking the time out to enhance his study skills, public speaking, the mastering of his profession, Hill received his Ph.D.

The students learned to take advantage of their opportunities if they wanted their dreams to come true, don’t sleep.

“I remember what my mother said. If I want to be a business man, you can win,” Hill said.

The things he said and the remarkable quotes were truly amazing. If we could share one of the contents he lectured on, it would be, “Don’t dwell on the past because the past will delay your future.”

The students thanked Dr. Hill for his love, passion, and determination to speak. His wisdom, knowledge, and understanding were the foundation of his powerful message. From the students’ perspective, they felt Hill motivated them during test week. The GHS administration, faculty, and staff appreciate the motivating words that were spoken to enhance the learning environment from Hill.