Seniors enjoy activities during testing week

Throughout the years, seniors have looked forward to the week of testing. It has always been looked at as a week of relaxation and rest, but this year was different. The class of 2008 had a week of educational, inspirational, and recreational activities planned.

On Monday, after spending time in their English class with instructor Barbara Terrell, the seniors took a short trip to the Louisiana Center for the Blind. The center is a place for the blind to learn how to function in everyday society. The clients at the center learn how to cook, type, and find their way around the area.

There was also a wood shop where the clients made clocks, swing-sets, etc. The class learned how to read Braille letters and numbers which the instructor wrote the senior class name in Braille.

The class visited the Lincoln Parish Library on Tuesday. The tour guide showed the class the reference section of the library, which was just in time for the research paper that had been assigned to the senior class members. The seniors split into groups and were given a list of questions that could be found in that section for research help.

Wednesday was the most anticipated day for all of the seniors, as they visited the David Wade Correctional Center in Homer. The group met with six inmates.

According to the members of the class, as they walked into the room, there was writing on a dry-erase board that asked the question, “Are you willing to lose your freedom, family, pride, choice, individuality, pride, and possession?”

The class was divided into five groups and each inmate came to talk individually to each group.

The men told the students about their everyday struggles, losses, and heartaches. They explained how they had lost each of the seven statements that were mentioned on the dry-erase board.

Some inmates stated to the class on how they had not heard from their families in years and how they did not have any private life. The men also told the class about their childhood and what crimes they had committed.

Finally, the seniors went to Celebrity Theatres in Ruston. The class watched the new Martin Lawrence film, “College Road Trip,” which was more appropriate since most of the class plans to attend college. The movie had a light-hearted humor with a meaning that all of them could relate to in their everyday lives.

Overall, the week was a success for the Grambling High School class of 2008.