Just how rude can society be?

I’m beginning to think that there isn’t one single generally nice person left in this world. Just think about it. When was the last time you went out of your way for somebody? A friend or maybe even a stranger. Really! When was it? What it all boils down to is society is just plain old rude. I can probably make a never-ending list of ways in which I’ve been rude to someone on a daily basis. Not letting another car in when I’m driving. Not always saying “thank you” when someone holds a door open for me, staring at handicapped or disabled people. Talking about the way somebody looks.

Starting to sound familiar? Especially us females. Unlike guys (who usually couldn’t care less), we have a way of pointing out who looks odd to us, and we just begin talking about how they look, what they’re wearing or how they act for no apparent reason at all.

I’ve never just come out in the open and told a person to their face what I thought about them or the way they looked. Just like everyone else in the world, I keep it to myself, and then talk about them when they’re not looking.

Oh come on, don’t act like you haven’t done it.

We’ve all spent our fair share of time downing somebody or making fun of their situation. Truthfully, we just have never taken a look inside ourselves and realized how rude we can actually be.

I try to see things in this aspect: We can’t help the way we’re born. In elementary, kids get tortured daily for details about themselves that they cannot really help. I used to get teased for being the tallest girl in all my glasses. I got called Paul Bunyan, Green Giant, Big Bird, and anything else that related to a person being huge! Eventually when we made it to junior high the boys began to reach their growth spurts and finally I had people in my class that were taller than me. I hated that for years, but when I finally realized that I was just tall and that was the way God made me, I kind of mellowed out.

Today I’m still pretty much taller than most girls but I learned to love my long legs. It’s become a part of me despite the childhood cruelty.

We would be surprised about how one simple notion can make or break somebody’s day. Being rude behind somebody’s back, or out in the open, may just be the icing on the cake to somebody’s bad day. Sometimes a simple smile or hello when walking by them can change a whole day around.

We really don’t realize how rude we are sometimes to certain people. All I know is that now I’m trying to find ways that I can get out of this attitude, be a little kinder.

It’s all about the Golden Rule people. Can’t we all just get along?