Grambling graduate to promote home state

GSU graduate and producer/actress from Los Angeles will return home to Baton Rouge to produce and host the SAINTS fan show to increase the spirit in Louisiana. Kingi Knox made her national debut as a trophy presenter for the Stellar Awards Gospel Show. Knox has also hosted the behind the scenes documentary for the casting of “Queer Eye for the Straight Girl.” She has also appeared on CBS “Early Edition”, UPN “Parkers”, and CBS “Cupid.”

Kingi says, “When I was home visiting over the holidays I noticed there was an increase of fear since Hurricane Katrina; a fear of living in the shadow of another Hurricane Katrina and the community’s increase in crime. The Saints victory has been a sense of hope for New Orleans as well as Louisiana as a whole. I wanted to do something to increase that New Orleans jazz spirit I grew up with so I wrote, hosted, and produced the Saints Fan episode of The GREATEST Fan on Jan. 21.”

The GREATEST Fan is a national show that is in development where the fans compete to hang out with their favorite celebrity VIP style. K dreams productions wanted to give someone the opportunity to make their dreams come true by meeting their favorite Saints football player.

“I dedicated the first episode to the Saints Fans of Louisiana,” says Knox.

Kingi is giving the show to the fans for free through The GREATEST Fan website (www.thegreatestfan.tv), UTube, and myspace.com, thegreatestfantv after the SAINTS fan show premiers on COX 4 the football season.

Logon to myspace.com thegreatestfan.tv for a chance to win cool VIP prizes and logon to www.thegreatestfan.tv for TV listings.