Discombobulated nominations leaves many students flustered

When you think of the month of April, so many things come to mind. Nice weather, April Fools’ Day and, of course, the much-anticipated Tigerfest activities. April is also the month for campus elections. A nomination convention was held on March 25, but a variety of positions were left vacant, 13 to be exact, as well as positions in the court of Miss GSU.

Because so many positions were left open, the administration decided to reopen the elections for anyone who wanted to be nominated – but only for the positions that were still vacant.

A second nomination convention was held on Monday night in Grambling Hall. Dr. Karen Martin, Vice President of Student Affairs, informed everyone that it is University policy that anyone interested in running for a campus position or class queen must have a required amount of credited accumulated campus hours.

That policy left numerous students left out, because they wouldn’t be able to have the accumulated hours until after this semester ended.

Although Dr. Martin stated she didn’t hear any complaints from any students after the first nomination convention, she received numerous phone calls from parents who were upset that their child may not be able to run for the position they wanted to.

To limit controversy. Dr. Martin then discussed the situation with Audrey Warren, SGA advisor, and it was decided that the nominations should be reopened. Martin and Warren also decided that since the majority of the persons who wanted to run for positions would not be eligible until after the semester ended, they would try a new approach.

The two came up with a decision to take a ‘practice’ technique towards the elections so it would be fair and convenient to everyone.

Any student who was in attendance at the convention last night and took interest in running for a position was given the opportunity to be nominated or nominated by someone else.

All students who are vying for a position and is chosen currently does not have to have the required semester hours, but at the end of the spring semester, they must have accumulated all required hours, or they will be lose their position. As of press release, this is the only change in the election code.

All students are still required to meet the University guidelines for competing.

Some students felt that Administration was showing favoritism to those who weren’t eligible at first; others thought it was a great idea.

Senior ShaMya Floyd was very excited to hear that the elections would reopen. “I’m very pleased with the decision that was made about the reopening for the positions because at first, I was one of the students who have been unable to compete because I wouldn’t have enough credit hours until this term is over,” Floyd said.

Floyd also said that she thinks the university’s decision to make the voting online is a great idea.

“Elections are scheduled to take place the week of April 14, and students will be able to view all the candidates online and decide who they would like to vote for.” Dr. Martin said.

“It’s easy and quick. We’re in the 21st century. Other universities are using online voting and it’s about time Grambling decided to use it also.”

All votes will be viewed by the IT staff and auditors as well as the elections commission.