She’sloving everything

Many people are only familiar with the stage name of Erykah Badu. But true fans, GSU alumni, family and friends have an idea about who Erica Wright is.A couple of weeks ago, she allowed GSU to take a small personal tour in a place where so few get the chance to wonder – her personal life. The things many people want to know she answered with confidence but made sure she guarded her life and privacy.

Many people want to know the difference between Erykah Badu and Erica Wright. She explains that they are the same person. “There is nothing different about the names. . One is just comedic,” she says. Wright goes on to explain that her name can be your name and she would still be her.

Even before she stepped into the spotlight in 1997, Wright was often referred to as weird and crazy, even at GSU. “Weird . could be because of my clothing . I don’t know,” she says as if this were fresh news to her. Wright says she’s not like everyone else, and there is nothing she can do about that.

But for people trying to become a star, she has advice. “Only the most high can make you a star.it’s something you’re born with,” she says. Becoming a star is all in your DNA.

“If Michael Jackson was a construction worker, he would probably be the best one yet because it’s in his DNA to be a star,” she explains.

When you take notice to the music scene in today’s generation, you can tell many people are seeking to be celebrities because of the life. “You’re going to do it (perform or make your dreams happen) with a platform and spotlight or not,” she says.

She has sheer love for her children, and it’s easily displayed. Seven, 10, is the son of Andre 3000, and Puma, 3, is the daughter of DOC, a rapper. Wright explains that she sees herself in her daughter. “I love my children, me, nature and music.” As for marriage, a topic many people have wondered about her, she says that she’s never sees marriage. ” I come from a long line of single mothers dating back 50 years.”

The neo-soul star also has a strong respect for love and says that you should never want to compete with the love of your life, and that you should only want the best for them. “To me love is a total nonpredjudiced feeling that causes you to want the highest good for the person you are claiming to love,” she said with a look in her eye that made you feel every word uttered.

Wright says when you love a person, you want to see everything they dream about come true. Many have doubted her love for her ” baby daddies,” but she clears it all up on her New Amerykah album when she says “had two babies different dudes, but for them both my love was true, this is my last interview.that’s me,” she sings.

The independently thinker’s religion has always been questioned. Many are unsure if she acknowledges God. Wright shuts that issue down immediately. “Everything is God . Wherever there is love, there is God.” She compares religion with music. “Everyone nods their head to the kit and drum . God created that too.”

She even admits that she attends church sometimes. But only Wright can make so many artistic comparisons with religion and actually allow minds to wonder like never before. “My religion is art because it expands my imagination,” she says.

In America, there are two things that are very sensitive to talk about, one being religion and the other politics. It made my mind wonder when I asked Wright what she thought about the presidential race. “I try not to talk politics,” she replied.

How can a woman who is such an outspoken, powerful, artistic person stay away from a subject like that? I guess it’s because that small personal tour into her life ended the question before that one.