Escaped lab rat blows whistle on HIV/AIDS cover-up

Dear Editor:It’s been 16 years since I and my then girlfriend, Linda Nichols, were told by the people in the Lake Providence Health Clinic that we were HIV-positive. They also advised us that if we didn’t get treatment, that our HIV would become full-blown AIDS. We, like others, had heard about HIV/AIDS; however, like many others, we were clueless as to where it came from and how we caught it.

Linda Nichols was an attractive girl who I met in my hometown of Tallulah a few months prior to being diagnosed. She was a beautiful crackhead, who did sexual favors for money to support her drug habit. She’s not alone. Too many girls do that as we speak.

We were admitted to GoCare, an HIV/AIDS early intervention center, in Monroe and informed about our T-cell count, and all of that. We were given a drug called Retrovir, or something like that, and told to follow up on all our appointments.

All of you who are not familiar with the ‘Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment had better go do some real homework. They talk about ‘KNOW AIDS’ on TV. They don’t really want you to know.

While others who remember that, along with other dark spots in this country’s history, they speculate that the government is behind the killings. The only difference between thier speculations, and my actualization, is I’m living proof that it is so.

You see, I was taking the poison, too. Sixteen years ago, I stopped. I realized that that wasn’t medicine. I realized that my immune system was being attacked by what I thought was building it up. You see, there wasn’t anything wrong with my immune system in the first place.

I have seen two people die from what they call AIDS. One was Linda, and the other was my brother, Carl Eugene Hicks. Their deaths were about 10 years apart. As Linda was dying day by day, week by week, etc., I noticed that the treatments weren’t doing any good.

This is not an isolated incident or coincidence. This is a conspiratorial travesty. You see, she slept with a lot of people. When I met her, she was turning tricks for crack.

Twosomes, threesomes, whateveresomes, etc. But to this day, the only person who died was the one the AIDS people got a hold to with their poison treatments.

Remember this, too. I was a patient. They put the needles in my arm. They told me lies that scared me into thinking I was going to die if I didn’t get treated for something that I didn’t even have.

All of you skeptics can believe what you want to. One day, it’s going to be you, or one of your loved ones. I’m not in denial. I’m living every day. Just keep on believing the commercials put on TV and radio by the very ones who are killing you. It’s all explained on “You Tube.” (NOTE: Video version of this story will be available on You Tube under Lab Rat.)

One thing that all of us who slept with Linda had in common: We are all still alive after all of these years. I would have been dead too had I kept taking the stuff that was killing me and her. The only reason the other people who shared body fluids aren’t dead is because “DEM PEPAS” didn’t know them. If they had of gotten ahold on them, as they did me, they would have been dead too.

The TESTING is how they’re getting their victims. I’ve noticed that all those who weren’t tested, weren’t victims.. Remember this when you read about the Tuskegee Experiment. The doctors got angry when they were exposed by the whistle-blower.

A Nazi was over one of the most powerful organizations in this country, the United States Public Health System. How did he get there? When the whistle was blown, neither he nor those doctors were ever prosecuted. They disbanded for a few years, regrouped, then up pops HIV/AIDS. Discreet and sophisticatedly.

When the NYC governor was busted with the now infamous prostitute, there was not one hint that she could have HIV/AIDS, and could, thereby, have infected his wife, kids, etc..

Get ready for a million reasons why you shouldn’t believe me, and all of that. When you start reasoning as to who to believe, consider the biggest piece of evidence is I’m still alive. Plus, I’m not laying up with tubes in my nose.

They told me that I was going to get AIDS, which was really telling me that I was going to die. There are over 15 people. who slept with either me or Linda who are still living, healthy. Some have had kids who are equally as healthy.

Although my wife and I had separated about a year before her death last year of some form of meningitis (her brain and spinal chord were infected), some narrow-minded people tried to link her to AIDS.

Before all that testing in Africa, you didn’t have almost 3 million people dying. Before 1980, you didn’t have all of that dying over here. People, can you see the pattern?
The pattern is that none of these people have been caught in the test-treatment death trap. If I hadn’t escaped, I would have died years ago.

Many of you all will be confused about all of the death, sickness, clinics, hospitals, medicine, and research that’s being done, etc. That just translate into being able to kill more people.

My bad. I mean ‘treat” more people.

– Jamie Hicks
Grambling resident