Diddy’s Day 26 debuts

All I can say is that it’s about time! Almost everyone who watches the fourth season of MTV’s Making the Band can agree that the self titled Day 26 album was well overdue. On March 25, Diddy and the Bad Boy Records family released the Day 26 debut album.Although Diddy’s idea of putting together a random group of people every year never went well, this time around seemed different. Not only would an R&B group be an interesting twist to the reality show series, a new R&B group in the game could also be a twist in the music world as well.

Even though I’m not too big on the reality show fad, watching a few episodes of this season persuaded me to at least give their new CD a try. To be honest, I was shocked after listening to the whole album. I was actually impressed, to say the least. Its savvy mix of modern R&B mixed with sexy lovemaking tunes would satisfy any true R&B fan like me.

I was little thrown off at first when it began with an upbeat, go-go tempo titled, “I’m the Reason,” later falling into tracks that display the tremendous vocal abilities of all five men. Producers P. Diddy and Bryan-Michael Cox matched the lyrics with the unique sexy beats that reflected them. The smooth mellow tones that follow lure the listener into captivation as they slowly begin to bob their heads.

All 14 tracks were definitely hot in their own ways. It also featured collaboration with fellow cast members and label mates Danity Kane. A couple of my favorites include “Come with Me” and “If It Wasn’t for You,” where the group members paid a tribute to their beliefs by letting loose and truly thanking God for their successes.

I must say, I was very surprised. I didn’t know what I really expected, but I didn’t expect to be satisfied. I found that it’s one of those albums you can clean your house to, play on a road trip or do homework to virtually without skipping a track. I only had a few minor dislikes that I feel could have been easily worked out. All of their voices are strong, yet they are not distinct. If you have a favorite and it’s not Robert, it may be hard trying to figure out their voices compared to the other men. I also found that, much like myself, fans aren’t too crazy about the popcorn name Diddy seemed to have come up with overnight.

Overall, I believe Day 26 has the potential to go far beyond the spotlight of a reality show and truly be respected in the realm of R&B artists. Day 26 came into the scene at exactly the right time considering that today not many R&B artists are releasing good quality albums, let alone an R&B group. R&B fans who are ready for fresh faces and new voices will gladly be welcoming their presence.

Each member has lead-singer qualities, and it can only allow room for growth. They somewhat remind me of a modern day 112, Dru Hill or Jodeci. With or without the constant oversight of Diddy, Day 26 will be around for years to come.