Phi Alpha inducts 19 during ceremony

The Lambda Phi Chapter of Phi Alpha Honor Society held its induction ceremony on Tuesday, March 4. The 2008 inductees were honored for their academics in the School of Social Work.Yolanda Buncom, MSW, LCSW and chief team leader at Vet Center in Shreveport, gave encouraging words to the inductees.

“She has been an outstanding field instructor and role model to students that were placed at the VET Center,” said Gay Lynn Bond, associate professor in social work.

“She has studied and passed all of her licensing examinations given by the GSU MSW program which has given her the basics, but it is up to her to work, apply herself and grow,” Bond explained.

“She was chosen as lead speaker because she is a graduate of the program who has a strong commitment to GSU and to the profession of social work. Buncom represents this can do, no excuses attitude,” said Bond.

The inductees felt good about the honor society and the program.

“I enjoyed the encouragement that she gave to the students regarding making changes in society. That’s our job as social workers, to come in and not do it alone, but help people do it for themselves, said Khrishandalyn Hicks, advanced standing MSW social work student.

Hicks said she have been affiliated with the organization since March of 2003.

“I was a charter member, so I was inducted in March of 2003,” she said.

Hicks said she was in charge of finding the entertainment for the program.

“I spoke with my friend who is in Sigma Alpha Iota and she told me that she would get some of her sisters to assist her in singing for the induction,” explained Hicks.

Phi Alpha is the professional honor society for social work students. The qualifications are a 3.5 cumulative GPA for master level students with the completion of a minimum of four or five social work courses. The completion of five courses in social work and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for the bachelor’s level is required.

Phi Alpha was founded in 2003 by Dr. Grace Tatum, professor in the School of Social Work, during this time she was lead sponsor. For the last two years Bond has been the acting sponsor for the organization.

At the end of the ceremony closing remarks were held by Dr. Marianne F. Giorlando the acting Dean of Professional Studies and the new members signed their name in the official role for honorary Society for the first time.