I have so much things to say

“They have so much things to say right now/they have so much things to say,” Lauryn Hill spits on Method Man’s “Say.”It appears everyone has something to say these days, whether it’s negative or positive. However, their knowledge of things that they say doesn’t appear to be as strong as it should be when they say it. It’s funny how rumors get started off of people’s ignorance to certain things.

But I would guess that’s the purpose of a hater in some aspect. Haters, as many of us affectionately call them, are made to put us down and make us feel worthless. I honestly have no problem with haters, since they pretty much motivate me.

However, I do have a problem with the fact that they always attack what’s good in life. What is the purpose of using your hating voice to attack someone who’s doing well? Why not attack those or motivate those who are not doing well in life?

Maybe my logic is backward. My “hating” knows no bounds. I’ll tell you about yourself really quick when something’s wrong. Truth be told, there is something wrong at Grambling State University.

I have attended this prestigious institution since summer 2003. I arrived as a freshman to the barracks known as Pinchback Hall. The room was small and the elevator worked at times. However, I survived with a 4.0 GPA that semester. I survived.

These days, I look at the university, compared to what it was then, and I feel.sick. It’s not the same as it used to be. The students back then stood and fought for change. The new dorms came from the fighting of the SGA of 2003 and 2004. I still remember the smile on my face when we passed the resolution that we needed new housing.

Now we have the dorms, but it appears that we lost something. That something is passion. When GSU was a “boring” place with 13 cable channels (8 for some dorms), students still had a passion for learning and making change. Now, add a few new dorms and some real cable, students are just bending over and taking it.

I was one of the most vocal people about voting “no” for the new resolution for the new Student Union. Turns out I was right about voting “no.” Where is that money? That money was supposed to bring some new plasma screen TVs and computers into the Student Union. Instead, we have neither of those and an upstairs area that isn’t for students.

I need to stop before I get angry. I won’t even comment on the numerous professors that are retiring and the academic programs that are falling apart. I won’t even comment on the injustices that students are suffering at the hands of corrupt officials.

Now I know what the chorus meant, because I have much things to say.