GSU enables emergency system

Grambling State University has joined with the University of Louisiana System in enabling an emergency notification system. The system is called the Tiger Alert System (TAG) and will notify students in time of a university crisis.According to Dr. Karen Martin, vice president for Student Affairs, anytime a student attempts to log on to Banner Web, they will have to provide their emergency contact information.

“With the system, students will be notified through text messages and calls to home or cell,” said Martin. She also says that this was a cross-campus collaboration of several departments including Public Relations, Student Affairs and Risk Management.

Martin says the university is updating its emergency system. “We are planning on having a consultant come to the university and review our system,” she said.

Dr. Martin said that safety is extremely important and is the university’s No. 1 priority. “It’s about protecting our students. So we want to make sure that in the wake of an emergency, our students and faculty will be notified,” she said.

The university has also extended police officers hours to 12-hour shifts. This new schedule is supposed to give officers more days on and sufficient days off for rest.

According to Martin, there are also plans for a speaker system that will have a radius of 1-2 miles. “This will be just one of the systems put in place to make sure students are in a safe place,” she said.