Grambling celebrates Women’s History Month

“Women’s Art: Women’s Vision” is the theme of National Women’s History Month, which will be observed throughout the month of March by Grambling State University and the city of Grambling. Activities, which will be sponsored locally by the Epsilon Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, kicked off with the signing of a Women’s History Month proclamation by GSU President Horace A. Judson.

Twelve women will be honored nationally: June C. Wayne (painter/lithographer); Judy Chicago (painter/printmaker/tapestry/needlework); Harmony Hammond (painter); Edna Hibel (colorist, painter, stone lithographer, etcher, sculptress and filmmaker); Lihua Lel (multimedia); Violet Oakley (muralist/stained glass); Rose O’Neill, painter, illustrator, sculptress; Faith Ringgold (print/painter; Miriam Schapiro (print/painter); Lorna Simpson (artist); Jaune Quick-To-See Smith (abstract painter/lithograph); Nancy Spero (painter).