Enough! It is time for change

As Black people, “WE” are strong believers in continuing tradition. Meaning “WE” like to keep everything the same, keeping it hard for us to make a launch. But what “WE” fail to realize is that “WE” are grown now, and it’s time for us to start acting like it and start standing up for what “WE” believe in.It’s amazing how “WE” talk about what “WE” are going to do, but when it’s game time, “WE” don’t vote or speak our minds.

Every voice counts, and every voice is heard, believe it or not. How does this apply to us students at Grambling State University? Think about our Student Government Association. Most of the problems on campus are things the administration can fix.

The SGA president hears your voice, ONLY when YOU decide to speak up and allow YOUR voice to be heard. But no one can hear what you are saying to your friends in your room.

A lot of people complain about the security, transportation and many other problems on campus. Then when the SGA finally got the administration to show their faces and gave you an opportunity to speak your minds and help get these things corrected, “WE” as the students, as the people affected by these problems, did not show up. To be exact, 35 students out of about 5,000 enrolled were present. And most of those are members of the SGA.

So what do you want to happen, if you don’t do your part? Do you think one person (and of course, “WE” would say that one person is the SGA president) can get these problems fixed alone?

When plots of Greek-letter organizations were threatened with removal, the entire National Pan-Hellenic Council and Non-Pan Hellenic Council and its members all appeared in the meeting. And when it was time to talk, no one was there.

“WE” need to get out of this mindset of thinking someone is going to feed us all the time. “WE” need to be able to stand up like adults and say what needs to be said at that moment.

I hear a lot of people say they were busy or they forgot. Well, look at your track record. You are always busy, and you always forget. So how do you have time or remember to complain when things aren’t going your way?

I stress “WE” a lot because I am just like you. The athletes are just like you. The Greeks are just like you. The SGA is just like you.

“WE” all miss meetings, “WE” all miss class, “WE” all have to get fee sheets and turn in assignments. So what makes the SGA different? Besides handling all issues in an organized manner.nothing. “WE” are all SGA, and nothing on this campus is going to change unless “WE” all UNITE as ONE CAMPUS.and use ONE VOICE.

Stop complaining and stop making excuses. Stop giving up on hope, because this is only practice for the real world. The way you contribute to the school while enrolled is the way you are going to contribute to the real world.