Best college players looking to go pro

Some of the best college basketball players today are freshmen. Players such as: USC guard O.J. Mayo, UCLA’s power forward Kevin Love, Kansas State small forward Michael Beasley and Indiana’s Eric Gordon, just to name a few. However, get a good look at them now because when each one of their respective seasons conclude, look for all of them to declare for the NBA draft. Thanks to NBA commissioner David Stern, he has put in a draft rule than forces high school basketball players to attend college for a minimum of one year. So there will be no more high school kids in the NBA for now.

Why make these kids go to college? They have no intention of staying that long. According to draft experts, they are lottery picks even before they set foot on the school’s campus. College is a privilege and not a right.

Make the kids who just want to play basketball and not go to college hire a trainer and go work out for a year and give that scholarship to a player who is actually going to stick around for a while.

Since a lot of players are one and done today, the landscape of college basketball changes every year, which means that any team can win the National Championship in April.

What should be done about this problem? Let the high school kids go to the NBA draft, if that is what they desire. However, if they want to attend college, be like the NFL and make them stay three years. If you do this, everyone is happy.

This is America and you should have a choice. If you want to attend college, go. But if you don’t, why go? These athletes do not think that you have it made. They pay for you to go to school, while other students have to work and take out loans and struggle through school.

Common sense should tell these athletes to not waste time on something that you are not serious about. Your coach spends all that time convincing you to come to their school; you come and stay a little while. Life is all about choices, and if you don’t want to go to college, then just don’t go.